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Smaller business owners juggle many things.  They often start by doing their own HR or give it to one of their trusted employees.  Your employee could be fantastic at what they do but is it fair to expect them to keep you out of an employment tribunal?  Our HR Training could save your Company £000’s.

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How HR training can help

Our HR Training will give you or your employee the knowledge and confidence to act in common situations.  Just as importantly, it will help them recognise when to ask for specialist help. We aren’t going to turn them into HR experts but they will be able to stop you making basic, costly mistakes.

We can also guide you to introduce measures to make your business run more smoothly.

HR training available

Choose what is best for your business including one-to-one coaching, tailored or public  HR training courses.

Challenging employees take up a lot of management time.  Time that could be spent on developing your business.  Our course looks at the issues, causes and consequences of challenging behaviour, how to deliver reviews and build for the future, as well as how to deal with poor performers.  The next course takes place on 20th September 2018 at Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, Welwyn, AL6 0JB.  For more information or to book, please click here.

The biggest hidden cost of most companies is hiring wrongly and paying for it down the track.  “Hiring Right First Time” is a fun and interactive workshop which shows you how to get those decisions right in the first place.  It includes what to look for on a CV, what you should and shouldn’t ask at interview as well as interview techniques.  This course is usually in high demand so if you are interested in securing a place, please contact us now so we can make sure you are the first to know of the training date.

Our HR Hurdles course gives a valuable overview of 4 key areas of HR that every business owner should be aware of.  These are discrimination, employment documents, eligibility to work  in the UK and grievance or disciplinary handling.  Whether you are about to employ your first member of staff or have been in business for years, you need to know about these things.  We also offer training in how to conduct appraisals.


HR coaching

Sometimes your employee may just want to be sure they are doing the right thing.  We can coach them through every aspect of HR, providing expert advice when they need it.  Whether they are looking to learn more about HR or just to minimise their workload, we can help.

They will welcome the reassurance and support we can offer.



Please contact us today to find out more about the HR training and one-to-one support we can offer.