Hospitality HR Solutions

A hospitality business relies on the quality of its staff. A careless chef or indifferent waiting team can quickly lead to a fall in sales. We will show you how to get more from your staff and help you grow your business.

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Hospitality HR is unique

HR in hospitality is a constant juggling act.

Thanks to social media and sites such as TripAdvisor, if there is a problem with your staff, the world can find out about it before your guests have had dessert. In other industries, if you are busy and someone is off ill, it can wait until tomorrow. In hospitality, you have to find a way to cope. On top of that, there are unsociable hours, tight controls on staffing costs and the need for your team to constantly give their best.

Get it right and you will have a successful business that your customers sell for you.

Hospitality results

We understand the pressures you are under and have a proven track record of getting results. We will look at every aspect of your HR and help you meet your legal obligations such as food hygiene, working time and minimum wage.

Its often easier to keep good quality staff than it is to find new ones. We will help you identify and address any particular causes of concern. We will suggest ways for you to increase staff morale and improve staff turnover. 

Good quality, motivated staff will give your customers better service. Watch your reviews improve and sales grow as a result.

Hospitality contracts

Your employment contracts need to be rather different to most. Your staff may work on a rota, so hours vary from week to week. Your business may have peaks and troughs in business; summer weddings, Christmas parties and around sporting events for instance. You need your team to be flexible in what they do. That’s why it’s important that your employment contracts are tailored to your business.

Our employment contracts will be fair for your team and right for your business.

Employee handbooks

In hospitality, every member of staff is key. The indifferent manner, poor hygiene or sloppy standards of one person can be all a customer sees. Our employee handbooks will set out your rules, policies and expectations so standards remain high throughout. If not, you will be able to quickly act upon it.

Contact us today to find out how we can help get your customers selling your business.