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We are a Hertfordshire based Human Resources Consultancy Service. We offer professional advice and services and will work alongside you and your business as it grows.

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  • When illness makes your business sick

    New Year’s Eve.  A popular restaurant in London.  It should have been one of their busiest nights.  Instead, the place was half empty and they […]

  • Harassment at Work and how to address it

    As someone who started work in the 1980’s, sexual harassment at work was something you brushed off.  I was the new kid on the block.  […]

  • A new perspective on grievance

    Usually I am dealing with a grievance from an employer’s point of view.  More recently I have been helping a friend with her grievance at […]

  • How to have a difficult conversation

    We all have things we would rather not do.  Things we put off till we have no choice.  For employers, that may mean having a […]