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Our useful HR blogs look at real world HR issues and how to deal with them.
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  • What happens when furlough ends?

    Employment Lawyer, Tosh Polpityre, describes furlough as similar to when President Kennedy said America would put a man on the moon. NASA had to make […]

  • How to make a success of homeworking

    Under Government instructions, more of us are homeworking now than ever before. For many, it is a novelty, being able to work in pyjamas. Personally, I […]

  • Why your business should think “vegan”

    I am not a vegan myself. Until now, I have given it very little thought. However, an Employment Tribunal has found that you can discriminate against someone […]

  • What do you talk about at work?

    Recently Anne Franke, Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute, suggested that companies should discourage people from talking about sport. Her suggestion is that it disproportionately excludes […]