Staff Motivation

Staff motivation

Do your staff sing your praises or complain in front of your customers? Would you want to eat in a restaurant where the staff were described as “miserable”? No, nor would anyone else.

If you still think staff motivation is not a priority, look again at your turnover or sickness rates. Are they higher than you would like? Do you get too many customer complaints? Have you ever stopped to think how much these are costing your business or to ask yourself why?

Employee Motivation

The John Lewis Partnership is well known for motivating staff. Customers often cite their partners as one of the reasons they shop there. Well motivated staff can do wonders for your bottom line.


If you are not already doing appraisals, you are missing a valuable opportunity. Use them to find out how your staff really feel and how you could be better at motivating staff. Look ahead with confidence, knowing your staff have the skills to support your business.  We can help you to introduce a practical appraisal system.

Remuneration and benefits

We can review your salary and benefits package. We will help you make it fair, motivating and affordable.  

The important things in life

It doesn’t have to be all about money. Believe it or not, your staff may find things like work/life balance, career prospects or job role more important. We can help you find practical ways to motivate your staff more.

HR practices

We can help you identify any issues your staff are currently facing and suggest practical ways to improve them.

We will look carefully at all aspects of your HR from recruitment to exit interviews and anything in between. We will analyse your staff turnover and sickness records. We will show you how to deal with any causes for concern.

Successfully motivating staff is key for any business. It will mean your costs come down and your profits go up. Contact us today to find out more.