Staff Motivation

Staff motivation

Do your staff sing your praises or complain in front of your customers? Would you want to eat in a restaurant where the staff were described as “miserable”? No, nor would anyone else.

If you still think staff motivation is not a priority, look again at your turnover or sickness rates. Are they higher than you would like? Do you get too many customer complaints? Have you ever stopped to think how much these are costing your business or to ask yourself why?

Employee Motivation


The important things in life

It might surprise you to know that more money is not necessarily the answer.  Since the COVID pandemic, money has been less of a motivator.  Many of those that worked from home, enjoyed it.  Splitting working time between the home and office is now almost expected in many office based roles.   Many resent working the long hours which used to be the norm.  They have found something more enjoyable to do with their time.

Employees also want to grow and learn.  A key reason why employees move on is a lack of career prospects.  Do your employees know what you can offer and what they need to do to get there?

Good mental health has also come more to the fore.  There is much an employer can do that impacts mental health and wellbeing – both good and bad.  Many of us can point to a former manager whose poor communication or management style caused us stress.  A good employer will support good mental health by communicating clearly, being flexible, providing access to helplines and training mental health first aiders.

Happy employees are better performers.  We can help you find practical ways to achieve this.  

Appraisals and Reviews

You should be holding regular review meetings with your employees.  These are valuable opportunities for two-way feedback.  Through regular, focused reviews, you will learn what is important to  your team member and help them to grow.

Look ahead with confidence, knowing your staff have the skills to support your business.  We can help you to introduce a practical appraisal system.

Remuneration and benefits

Of course, salary and benefits are still important.  They also need to be fair, motivating and affordable.   We will help you to review your offer and to find value for money options to improve this.

HR practices

Your current HR practices may be affecting motivation more than you realise.  Let us review these for you and suggest practical improvements.  

We will look carefully at all aspects of your HR from recruitment to exit interviews and anything in between. By analysing your staff turnover and sickness records, we will give you practical advice on steps to take to become a better employer.

A motivated workforce is key for any business.  Contact us today to find out more.