HR Procedures

Having good HR procedures may seem a little over the top in a smaller business. However, there are very good business reasons why you need them. Some are legally required, such as for handling a grievance, disciplinary or redundancy. Other HR procedures can make your business run more smoothly.

HP Procedures

The law and HR procedures

So what does employment law say about HR procedures?

How can Parallel HR help?

Parallel HR can write a wide range of HR procedures for you. We don’t just focus on those that are legally required. We also cover things like claiming expenses, company cars and cash handling.

No one wants to spend their precious time dealing with problems.  If your employees are able to easily access and follow set procedures, things are more likely to go right in the first place.  Ask anyone who deals with expenses.  If everyone follows the same simple process, it can save a huge amount of their time each month.  In turn, expenses are repaid in a timely manner and everyone is happier.

Your HR procedures will be both practical and legally compliant.  If you ever find yourself in an employment tribunal, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have acted “reasonably”.  Following a good procedure will help you to do that.

Employee handbook

We recommend publishing your HR procedures in an employee handbook. That way, you know your employees are aware of them. This cuts down on niggling issues and leaves you more time to run your business.

Your employee handbook is non-contractual. This means it can be updated as and when things change.

Whether you simply want to meet your legal obligations or are looking to set up good working practices, contact us today for a quick and easy solution.