Disciplinary, Grievance and Dismissals

Unhappy or poorly-performing staff can disrupt your business. It’s not just their work that suffers, often so does the work of those around them. So how do you deal with them properly? Parallel HR can help you tackle these issues effectively.

Disciplinary, Grievance and Dismissals

Grievance and disciplinary procedures

If you are facing a grievance or need to take disciplinary action, you must follow a fair procedure.

The ACAS Code of Conduct┬ásets out the stages you must follow. Employment tribunals use this to decide whether you have acted fairly. You could have a good reason to dismiss, but if you don’t follow a fair disciplinary procedure, you could still lose at employment tribunal. Any award made against you may also be increased by up to 25%.

Parallel HR recently teamed up with Julie Howell Communications in an online webinar. We discussed disciplinary and grievance handling for small businesses.

Helping you through every stage

We will explain the grievance or disciplinary procedure to you carefully and take you through one stage at a time. We will coach you how to gather evidence, conduct the meetings and take minutes. We can also hear appeals and make recommendations if necessary. We will write the tricky correspondence for you. You won’t have to worry that you have said the wrong thing or missed something important.

We will also help you follow up after the grievance or disciplinary meeting. We don’t want lingering bad feeling or a drop in performance to send you back to square one.


We recognise that making someone redundant is something you may never have done before and is the last thing you want to do. Sadly, sometimes there is little choice. We will support you through the whole process, helping you make the right decisions for your business.

If you are making a redundancy, you have to follow strict rules and procedures. These set out how you must consult with anyone who is being considered for redundancy and how you choose the right person. You should also carefully consider the effect on those left behind and how the work will now be completed. We will help you address all the issues so you can move forward.

Preventing problems for the future

Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent problems happening in the first place? A well-written employment contract and employee handbook can help. By setting out your company’s own individual policies and procedures, your employees will know what is expected of them and how they can expect to be treated. They can also provide essential evidence during a disciplinary or grievance hearing.

All of our employment contracts and employee handbooks are individually tailored to our clients.

For practical help and guidance on how to deal with grievance, disciplinary and dismissal issues, please contact us today.