Employment Contracts

Your employees must be given their written employment contracts on or before their first day of employment.  This is a hugely important document. Plan now to get it right.

Employment Contract Advice

Why do I need to get this right?

A well-written employment contract is one of the most useful documents an employer can have. It sets out the terms and conditions of employment and lays down some rules. Be careful though, if you promise something in a contract, even by mistake, you are bound by the terms agreed.

A good way to approach it is to think about what you would want your contracts to say, if there were a problem. What protective clauses do you need for your business? For instance, there are strict rules for salary deductions unless you have your employee’s written permission. You may want to reserve the right to work at weekends or impose reasonable restrictions on working for your competitors when they leave you.

Well-written employment contracts can save your company £000’s in the long term.

Employment contracts made easy

For a one-off fee, we will draft your employment contracts. Your contracts will be personal to your business and cover what is important to you. We will make it easy for you to issue employment contracts to new recruits, creating a great first impression.  You will spend the minimum time on paperwork and meet your legal obligations.

Harmonising your employment contracts

Your employees may have different terms and conditions depending on when they joined or who wrote their contract. This is common but far from ideal. As well as being a nightmare to administer it could also be unfair to your employees. We will help you work out what is fair for all and to introduce this across the company. As well reducing your admin headaches, you could avoid a discrimination claim.

Employee handbooks

You may also want to consider introducing an employee handbook. These set out your company’s own rules, policies and procedures, but are not contractual, making them much easier to update.  They are also a great place to set out your  company values, your company-wide benefits package and the support you offer your team.   Setting these out clearly can cut down on the number of niggling HR issues you deal with daily.

To find out how to issue tailored, professional employment contracts the easy way, please contact me today.