Employee Handbooks

We want to make it easier for you to manage your team. One simple way to do this is to have an employee handbook.

Employee Handbook HP Advice

Why do I need an employee handbook?

Employee handbooks tell your employees what you want them to know, how you expect them to act and how you will treat them in certain circumstances. No more having to reinvent the wheel or working out what you did last time. No more being accused of acting unfairly.

If you do have to take disciplinary action, your employee handbook will be invaluable. It will provide clear evidence that your employee knew what they were supposed to do and what the consequences could be.

What is in employee handbooks?

It’s good to set out the ground rules with your employees from the very beginning. An employee handbook puts all the information in one easy place so that everyone knows where they stand.

Your employee handbook will set out your company rules on niggling every day issues such as uniform, booking holiday and sickness reporting. It will also contain important company policies, such as equality and diversity, whistle blowing and social media. We will help you decide what should go in your employee handbook, putting in your own company rules, policies and procedures.

How is the employee handbook different to the employment contract?

Unlike your employment contract your employee handbook will be non-contractual. This means it will be much easier to update when you need to. For instance, social media is always evolving. Updating your Social Media Policy in your employee handbook means you don’t have to to reissue new contracts all the time.

To make managing your employees easier, contact us today to discuss introducing your own employee handbook.