Appraisals and Performance Management

Appraisals are one of those things that you probably know you should be doing, but don’t quite know how or why.   Appraisals help you manage your staff more effectively. Parallel HR will help you set up an easy-to-use appraisal system.

Appraisals and Performance Management

Why do we do appraisals?

Appraisals help you find out what makes your staff tick and what they want to achieve. Your team may want to take on new challenges, have great ideas on how to save the company money or even how to get more business. How will you know if you never make time to ask them properly? If you have ever watched Channel 4’s “Undercover Boss” you will know how valuable employees’ opinions can be.

Appraisals also give you the opportunity to tackle any niggling issues before they become major problems. It may be something as annoying as always arriving 10 minutes late or as significant as the overly-casual way they talk to your customers. You may not need to take disciplinary action, but you certainly shouldn’t ignore it.

You should also see appraisals as a great way to give feedback and set out future targets. If your employees cannot see the right opportunities with you, they may start looking elsewhere.

Appraisals create the opportunity to find out about your employees’ future plans and ambitions. This will in turn help you be prepared for the inevitable changes that lie ahead.

How we can help

We can support you in setting up an effective appraisal scheme.  We’ll give you easy-to-follow appraisal forms that help the meetings flow smoothly while covering all the important areas.

We’ll talk through any specific areas of concern you may have and give you suggestions on how to deal with tricky meetings. When the meeting is over, we will help you source good quality training and to actively address any problems you identify.

Appraisals are a great tool to help you get more from your staff. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.