HR Policies

As a good employer, you know you need some HR policies. You may already have been asked for these when writing a tender… but where do you start?

HR Policy Advice

Parallel HR can provide you with a range of practical HR policies. Our policies will help you manage your staff more effectively and win more business.

What HR policies do I need?

HR policies set out how you expect your employees to act and how you are likely to react if they don’t. Some policies are essential, for example, an equality and diversity policy. Others, such as rules for company car drivers or handling customers complaints, help you run your business.

Your employees will work to uniform standards and your customers will notice the difference. Your own internal processes will run more smoothly, which could also save your business time and money.

Whatever HR policies your business needs, we can help every step of the way. We will help you decide what HR policies are important to your business. We will write them so they are practical and easy to follow. We’ll help you publish them to staff and most importantly of all, put them into practice.

Employee handbook

A practical way to publish your policies is to put them in an employee handbook. Your employees will all be aware of your HR policies so you are better able to enforce them. Your employee handbook will not be contractual, making it easier to update as and when you need to.

Our employee handbooks are individually tailored to each client. We will talk through what you are looking to achieve and how you put that into place. That way, we can be sure your policies will be practical to your business.

For the simple way to set up your HR policies or for your own tailored employee handbook, please contact us today.