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Presentation to students at Onslow St Audrey School

Presentation to students at Onslow St Audrey School

I recently visited Onslow St Audrey’s School in Hatfield to talk about work experience.  I was really impressed by how well-prepared the students were and their willingness to learn how to make the most of it.  Good luck to all of them with their placements in March.


Personally, I have always enjoyed having work experience students and would urge any Company to give it a try.

Why should you offer a work experience placement?

It’s not just the student who benefits from work experience, your Company could too:

  • Students see things with fresh eyes and naturally ask questions.  You might get ideas how to do things better or to approach new markets.
  • They may already have skills you can benefit from. The average 15 year old’s skills in IT and social media far outweigh mine!
  • They can help you finish a project you have been meaning to start, such as updating a database.
  • Your employees will enjoy having someone to train.
  • It’s a good way of connecting with your local area.
  • You may even find a future employee.


What should you think about in a work experience placement?

Students can find the thought of work experience nerve-wracking  – especially if they have not worked before. I have seen many students blossom from nervous wrecks on the Monday into confident individuals by the end of the week.

To make a placement work, consider the following:

  • Draw up your plan for the whole week so that the student is not left feeling like a spare part.
  • Make sure your employees understand what their role is.
  • Invite the student in for a short meeting before the placement starts.  Tell them what they are going to be doing, how you expect them to dress and the hours they will be working.  You should also say who they should ask for on their first morning and anything they should bring with them.
  • Give them a brief induction on day 1.  Talk them through the week, health and safety and who to report any problems to.
  • Show them round your premises and introduce them to the right people.
  • Have someone keep them company on lunch breaks – certainly on the first day.

How can you get involved in work experience?

Watching a work experience student grow in confidence and ability is so rewarding.  I thoroughly recommend it.  If you want to become involved, contact your local school or Youth Connexions Hertfordshire.

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