Winning the World Cup

The World Cup gets  under way in just two weeks. For someone like me who loves football, it’s a great way to pass the time until the Premier League starts again.  For business owners, it throws up a whole new set of challenges.

Evening Kick-Offs

The majority of the matches will be kicking off in the evenings.  For the 9-5’ers among us, this may be seen as good news.  However, with England’s match on 24th June 2014  and many latter stage matches kicking off at 5pm, consider now what your policy is going to be.  For instance:

  • Are you happy to let people leave early and, if so, what do you expect in return?  For instance, making up time elsewhere.
  • Not everyone is interested in the World Cup – how do you keep things fair without hurting your business?
  • Is this an opportunity for team building? Can you bring in a TV and provide some snacks, so those that want to can watch key World Cup matches together?
  • If you operate shift work, how can you fairly make sure those that are interested, get to see their teams, without affecting cover?

Please click here for the fixture schedule.

The Morning After

With some games kicking off at 11pm, UK time, productivity from World Cup fans may not be up to your expected standards:

  • Keep on top of matters so that you can deal with any issues as they arise.
  • Remind those driving on company business that just because they have had a few hours sleep, does not mean the alcohol will leave their system any faster.
  • If they know they are unlikely to be fit for work, suggest they book the next day as annual leave.
  • Carry out “return to work” interviews after someone has been off ill.  Their illness is very likely to be genuine but knowing they will be interviewed will put off those that are just after a duvet day.


Workplace Banter

Your workplace may employ people from all different nationalities.  As the employer, you are responsible for making sure workplace banter does not turn into racial abuse.

  • Keep an eye on whether the banter in your workplace is starting to go too far.
  • If it is, talk to those involved immediately and in cup nationalities


Advance Planning

Taking the time to set out a few ground rules before the World Cup begins on 12th June 2014 could save you a lot of headaches in the weeks ahead.  Think how you can balance the needs of your business with how to help everyone enjoy what promises to be a show piece event.

For further advice, please contact us.  Have a great World Cup!


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