How recognition turns £0 into a million dollars

Recognition is not easy to find when you are self-employed. Recently, a client took the time to nominate me for a customer service award. It cost them nothing but time and thought. It made me feel like a million dollars.


Why is employee recognition important?

We all want a fair salary. We all want recognition too. When was the last time you spent hours on something only to feel that no one had noticed? Imagine if that happened to you every day at work. How long would you stay?

According to RPG Card Services, the number one reason people leave their jobs is:

“feeling unappreciated”

Think about it. Have you ever left a job for that reason? I know I have. Lack of recognition also has a direct impact on performance.

The true cost of hiring an employee is thought to be around one year’s salary. That includes hidden costs such as training, management time and lost productivity or sales. The true cost of losing good staff is much higher.


 Say “thank you” like you mean it

Giving recognition can be as simple as saying “thank you”. I don’t mean the same bland “thank you” you’d use for someone holding a door open. For it to hold meaning, you need to show you know what you are saying thank you for.

Be specific. For example, “thank you for getting X order out so quickly. They were surprised at such great service”. Watch the difference that makes.

In times of great upheaval, don’t forget to thank those rocks who stand with you. Don’t assume they know how much you value their support. No one likes to feel taken for granted.


Ask for their opinion

Involving employees in decision making will make change simpler. Tell them your challenges. Ask their opinions. Listen to their ideas. They may have some great input.

If you can use all or part of their idea, do. Sometimes eager staff may think they have the best idea. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t. Dismiss it out of hand and you’ll make them ask “why did I bother?”

If their idea is good, let it be known it is their idea. Involve them in bringing it to life.


Recognition and rewards

An increase in salary or a bonus is always welcome. It will, however, only last so long before the effect wears off.   The link is lost if the recognition comes far after the behaviour you want to reward.

Small rewards promptly given are hugely effective. Just think what happens when you give a toddler a gold star.

You can use your corporate might to join an employee incentive scheme. Employees can pick which rewards they would like to use. RPG card services have produced a simple guide to introducing an employee recognition scheme. For more information, click here.


We all want to feel appreciated. Don’t let lack of recognition cost you great staff.


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