Appraisal time at Arsenal

So, we’re coming to the end of Unai Emery’s first year as Arsenal Manager. In my fantasy football world, it is time to start thinking about his appraisal.


Appraisal preparation

As you would expect, we need to prepare properly. Before Unai’s appraisal, I want to find out:

  • What targets he was set.
  • How well he has done in achieving those targets.
  • Whether anything has affected his ability to achieve those targets.
  • What he has done particularly well.
  • What he could have done better.
  • What targets I would like to set for next year.
  • What support he needs to achieve those targets,

Targets set

My targets for Unai had to be:






It was Unai’s first season in charge. I recognised that he faced a lot of HR issues: poor performance, lack of motivation and a need to attract good talent. Frankly, the kind of HR issues many businesses face.

My own personal targets for Unai took this into account. I wanted a top six finish and quarter final of the Europa League. I’m happy with what he has achieved so far.

Reflecting on recent events

I am writing this blog as Arsenal hit their worst form of the season. Three losses in a week. I mention this as it is very easy for an appraisal to be swayed by recent events. If Unai’s appraisal had been held after they had won the Europa Cup (I can dream), I might be singing his praises more highly.

If you are going to have annual appraisals, keep notes throughout the year so you have a more balanced view.

Targets for next year

Now that Unai has had time to learn about the Premier League, I’m looking for improvement next season. A top four finish, certainly. To win a trophy? Absolutely.

More specifically, I’d like at least 15 more points away from home. Our away form has not been good enough this season. It is a major weakness he needs to address.

Support he needs

I’m sure Unai would say he needs financial support to reach these targets. Even though we had significant injuries at Christmas, he wasn’t able to buy any players.

We know that Aaron Ramsay will be leaving for Juventus, Petr Cech is retiring and there will be other leavers, so we need to recruit.


Having established what Unai needs to achieve and what support he needs, I will be assessing results throughout the year. It is no good simply looking at this year’s appraisal in a year’s time and deciding nothing has changed.

Similarly, having agreed funds need to be spent, there is no point giving him the money three weeks before the end of next season and wondering why things haven’t improved. In the real world, that’s what often happens with promises of training.

For support with real world appraisals, please contact me. That includes you too, Arsenal!


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