What are your customers saying about you?

“Lovely food but I would never go there again!”  – a review of a new local restaurant by someone I met recently at a networking event.  The lady had found herself moved to a noisy area of the restaurant, despite having been specific in her booking for her own personal reasons.  She understood why she was moved but was so appalled by the way the situation was handled, she vowed never to return.

Customer reviews

Now I’ve heard it said many times that one unhappy customer will tell at least 10 people – I personally think that is a huge underestimate in these days of Trip Advisor, Twitter etc.


Customer service

It seems that what this particular restaurant was missing was customer service training for their staff.  If only this customer had been looked after properly, her review would surely have been “lovely food – you should go there”.


We all have budgets to adhere to but when so much is spent on advertising and getting people through your door, you cannot afford to forget that to your customers, your staff ARE  your business.  Happy customers are your best and most cost effective form of advertising.


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