What are your computers being used for?

A report this month claimed that computers in the Houses of Parliament were used to access pornographic websites 300,000 times between summer 2013-2013.  Doesn’t that make you just a little curious about what your employees look at on line at work?


What are your employees doing online?

Now I’m not suggesting you regularly patrol your employees’ internet history – surely you have more productive things to do with your time.  I am suggesting you have a robust IT policy because, quite simply, if you don’t tell people that accessing pornography or unwelcome websites at work is not acceptable, you make it difficult for yourself to deal with it effectively.


Social Media

Think about social media too – who has access to your Company’s social media passwords and what would you do if they left?  Would you be able to wrestle back control of those important social medial accounts and contacts or are you open to the mercy of a disgruntled employee?  Learn the lessons from HMV who found their plans for large scale redundancies announced on Twitter earlier this year.


If someone suddenly left your business, would you be able to access their files?  You may want to consider having a confidential password register just in case.


Computers are such an essential daily part of work but just make sure you know who is in control!

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