How many employees do I need before …..?

In France, twice as many companies have exactly 49 employees as have 50 or more staff.  Why? Well as soon as they hit the magic 50, the employer has to worry about more employment laws.  Rather than employ the 50th member of staff, many business owners simply start up another company.

So what are the magic numbers in UK employment law?

One Employee

As soon as you employ one person,  you must follow employment law.  For example, you must:

5 or more employees

Once you reach 5 or more employees, you start to have additional health and safety issues to consider.


  • If you are making 20 or more employees redundant, you need a longer consultation period.  You must also contact the Redundancy Payments Service.

But I just want to run my business

We know you did not start a business because you wanted to employ people – you employed people so that your business could grow.  We work with clients from those looking to take on their first employee, through to those who are more established.  Contact us to find out how we can help you focus on what you do best.

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