New Year, new opportunities?

January to March is traditionally a busy time for recruiters.  Your employee’s New Year’s resolution may be to secure that next big move. So if you are faced with recruiting, how could this be an opportunity for you?



Who should you recruit?

You may have owned a fabulous sports car for years but now its on its way out.  That car may have been perfect for you when you bought it, but is it perfect now?  Do you need different things from your car?

It’s the same with employees.  You may be upset that a fabulous employee has chosen to move on but before you simply look to replace like for like, ask yourself, what is right for my business now?  This is an opportunity to improve the status quo.  Would you want to recruit someone with different skills?  Someone who could work different hours? Can you re-organise the work or promote from within?  Think about the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to recruit right now.


Too many candidates, not enough time

I recently saw a LinkedIn post from an HR Specialist complaining about the shoddy treatment he received while applying for posts.  While many of his complaints were aimed at recruitment consultants, there are lessons to be learned for all recruiters.

You may have lots of CVs land in your inbox but do what you need to do to keep on top of them.  Move them to a new folder or print them off to review in one go, whatever works.  Always let candidates know if they have been unsuccessful. Not only is this common courtesy but in these days of social media, how they are treated can soon get around to the very candidates you want to recruit.

If you are employing directly, send your candidates confirmation of the interview date, time, location and interviewer’s name.  Tell the receptionist that they are coming so they feel welcome when they arrive.  If this proves to be your ideal candidate, you want them to believe you are going to be a good and thoughtful employer.


Making the offer

Exciting times – you are ready to recruit.  You have found the ideal candidate.  Don’t get too caught up in the excitement and blurt out an offer on the spot.  Not only will you look desperate, a verbal offer from  you will be legally binding once accepted.  Give yourself the breathing space to consider the offer you want to make and any conditions you want to apply to that offer.  Interviews are not foolproof – always have a probationary period.

Your new recruit should be given a written contract within 2 months of starting employment with you.  Whatever you put in there will be legally binding so make sure it is what you want.  For a contract tailor made to your business, please do contact us.


A very important reminderEEA map

It is absolutely essential that whoever you recruit, they are eligible to work in the UK.    You need to collect evidence to prove this.  You could be subject to a fine of up to £20,000 per illegal worker if you are found to be employing someone illegally.


If you need any help with recruiting, do give us a call. Alternatively, if you are concerned your contracts are not up to scratch, why not ask us to review them for you?




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