• The importance of wellbeing

    The New Economics Foundation defines wellbeing as “how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate […]

  • Confidential – Do Not Read

    Intriguing, isn’t it? The word – confidential. What is about that word that makes you want to read it even more? You probably have a […]

  • Are your dress standards fitting or failing?

    If you don’t have a uniform, do you have the right to insist on dress standards?  Is the news somehow less “news” when Fiona Bruce reads it in […]

  • Constructive Dismissal hits the Premier League?

    Recent reports suggest that Eva Carneiro, former Chelsea doctor, is about to claim Constructive Dismissal. What is “Constructive Dismissal”? Constructive dismissal is when an employee feels […]

  • Corporate Away Days –

    Last year, while on holiday in France, I found myself highly amused by an awkward corporate away day.  As we stood there aimlessly whacking golf balls […]