Health and Safety

  • What every employer should know about COVID

    December saw many businesses affected by COVID.  Staff absences, bookings cancelled and back to home working for those that had fought hard to bring their […]

  • Mental Health at Work

    Approximately one in four people experience a diagnosable mental health issue every year.  The number of issues I see in work has certainly increased.  Whether […]

  • The importance of wellbeing

    The New Economics Foundation defines wellbeing as “how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate […]

  • Why is Manual Handling Such a Pain?

    Everyone needs to know about manual handling. Whether you are lifting heavy furniture or packs of paper, it’s so easy to hurt your back. I […]

  • Are your dress standards fitting or failing?

    If you don’t have a uniform, do you have the right to insist on dress standards?  Is the news somehow less “news” when Fiona Bruce reads it in […]

  • All present but is it correct?

    Most of the questions I’m asked about illness relate to when people haven’ turned up.  What about when people come to work that shouldn’t?  Jurgen Klopp was back at […]