Health and Safety

  • Can my employee refuse to come back to work?

    People’s views of the COVID-19 vary greatly.  Some seem to be ignoring Government advice.  We have had frantic beaches, street parties and other mass gatherings. […]

  • Mental Health at Work

    Approximately one in four people experience a diagnosable mental health issue every year.  The number of issues I see in work has certainly increased.  Whether […]

  • The importance of wellbeing

    The New Economics Foundation defines wellbeing as “how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and social level, and how they evaluate […]

  • Why is Manual Handling Such a Pain?

    Everyone needs to know about manual handling. Whether you are lifting heavy furniture or packs of paper, it’s so easy to hurt your back. I […]

  • Are your dress standards fitting or failing?

    If you don’t have a uniform, do you have the right to insist on dress standards?  Is the news somehow less “news” when Fiona Bruce reads it in […]